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GSA-Schedule 70 Contract:
GSA Contract#:GS-35F-0022X
Dollar Threshold:$2,100,000.00
Awarded to:ST Messaging Services, LLC
GSA Contract Type:GSA-Schedule 70
GSA Contract Term:Awarded by GSA on October 12, 2010 for a 4 year term expiring on October 11, 2014. *
GSA Contract Scope: Advanced Wireless Personal Communications Equipment and Services for Federal Agencies nationwide; includes 1-Way/2-Way paging, purchase and lease of paging equipment, training, customer support, maintenance, add-on services, direct ordering/billing and consolidation.
GSA FTS Contracting Officer: Evangeline T. O'Neal, 703-605-2713
GSA//Federal Acquisition Service
2200 Crystal Drive, 6th Floor, Crystal Plaza #4
Arlington, VA 22202
American Messaging Program Manager: Chanel Ridgley, 972.353.1913

* MOD correcting contract end date pending.

GSA Contract Advantages:
  ~ No further competition necessary -- meets all Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) requirements.
  ~ Purchase Orders issued against a schedule
  ~ Discounts from the Commercial rate card
  ~ Consolidation - move all your pagers to one source/one invoice/one customer service number!

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GSA Contract

Available to the Department of Defense (DOD):

Army/Air Force BPA
Army is now required to utilize this procurement vehicle, pursuant to Army Regulation 25-1.

Army/Air Force BPA

For renewal quotes and account assignment inquiries, contact:
Carol McGahey  601.750.6066

Your Government Representative will give you more information regarding other procurement vehicles, will answer your questions, assist you with a quote, and consult with you on creating and processing your order.

For renewal quotes and account assignment inquires, contact:
Mary Lamica, 413.575.0907

For contract inquires relating to GSA, contact:
Chanel Ridgley, 972.353.1913

For contract close-outs and government billing inquiries, email:
Government Support

Payee/Company Information:
Name of Government Contractor/Vendor:ST Messaging Services, LLC
Invoice Name: American Messaging
Cage Code:5SLT8
DUNS number:83-250-2244
Taxpayer ID number:26-4620103
Address:American Messaging
1720 Lakepointe Drive, Suite 100
Lewisville, TX 75057
Remittance Address:Effective 04/01/2012:
American Messaging
PO Box 5749
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5749
EFT Contact:Donna Hedlund
Phone: 888-699-9014
FAX: 866-486-7345
American Messaging
1720 Lakepointe Drive, Suite 100
Lewisville, TX 75057
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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Financial Institution Information:
Name of Bank:Harris Bank
Address:111 West Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603
ACH Coordinator:Client Services
(877) 895-3278
9-Digit Routing Transit Number:071000288
Depositor Account Number:4146643
Depositor Account Title:ST Messaging
Type of Account:Transfer/Savings